Hotell Amigo

In August I found myself in the small manufacturing town of Emmaboda Sweden. The place we were staying was a Spanish/Mexican themed hotel named the Hotell Amigo. While the hotel itself was nice, there were a few things that just struck me as odd. Such as this: a pedestal with a snare drum on it. No label, no explanation, no nothin’. Just a drum. Maybe it’s just a Swedish thing.

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The Passing of an Old Friend

On Tuesday, May 10, 2011, a close friend passed away unexpectedly. Omar Ahmad was Mayor of San Carlos, CA when he suffered the heart attack that ended his whirlwind career spanning both high technology innovation and public service. Omar was a serial entrepreneur with a number of successful company launches to his credit. I had the privilege of being involved with several of them. Omar had a unique blend of vision, compassion, enthusiasm and humor. He was 46. He will be missed.

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Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is?

On a recent business trip, I was passing through the Amtrak station in Wilmington, Delaware. As you can tell, the station is undergoing a major facelift. Hopefully, the budget allows for clock repair as I noticed that the two faces of the clock in the tower showed different times. The correct time when this picture was taken was 2:35PM.

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The Mike O’Meara Show

Getting a recommendation from Rock Bottom BBS is like getting a kiss from your 90 year old great aunt — it doesn’t make your day and it’s not something you’ll tell your friends about. However, I have got to recommend — nay, require — all you fabulous readers out there to go to The Mike O’Meara Show website. It’s available as a podcast through iTunes. Mike O’Meara is the “Mike” part of the old Don and Mike Show from radio, popular in the Washington/Baltimore corridor. Sure, there is some local referrnces — like knocking back some Nattie Bo’s while watching the O’s. Mike O’Meara “broadcasts” these days from his living room in Manassas, VA. It will change your life — possibly for the better.

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The Magic That is Baltimore

I was in Ellicott City, MD (outside Baltimore) last weekend to see what antiques looked like in the rain. (They looked wet). I went by a shop window with a wonderful display of a veritable fairyland with nymphs and castles and dragons and witches– and the Bromo Seltzer Tower.

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