Rock Bottom BBS – EMail Service Change

Due to rising operating costs, Rock Bottom BBS will be discontinuing several of the email domain names it has hosted in the past. If you have an email account with us and have been using one or more of the domain names listed below, email service to that domain will be discontinued sometime between May 1, 2013 and July 31, 2013.  The decision on which domains to retain and which to discontinue was bas based on traffic patterns over the past 12 months. Domains with light or non-existent traffic were targeted for removal.

Our email system can use any of our domains and the default account email domain is RockBottom.Org. That domain is not changing.

The email domains BEING DISCONTINUED are:

  • GeezBot.Com
  • GeezBox.Com (domain being kept but email service being dropped)
  • Omniphobe.Com
  • SteepleDog.Net
  • SweetZombieJesus.Net

The domains being continued are:

  • RockBottom.Org
  • RockBottom.Net
  • CrapSalad.Com
  • MonkeysManana.Com
  • SleepyCat.US

If you would like to get a FREE email account at Rock Bottom BBS, please send an email to

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