The Myth of Presidential Promises

I am always amused by the claims made by everyone running for president.  Pure and simple, they just can’t do a lot of what they promise by themselves– if you want to change laws or even some major program, it has to be done by Congress, not the president.  Yes, the elected president is a spokesperson for his party and can influence what gets on the congressional agenda, but he has little means of fulfilling the bulk of his promises by himself.

With an evenly spit and gridlocked Congress, the president’s plans– any president’s plans– will get watered down or stalled.  It isn’t a Democrat or Republican thing, it’s a partisanship thing with neither side being willing to compromise.

Part two of this rant is the economy.  Depending on a bunch of factors, it takes nine months to two years for a economic policy change to be felt in the economy as a whole — and that assumes nothing else is going on to screw things up — like trouble in the middle east causing dramatic increases in oil prices.

For stuff Obama has initiated, their impact is really just begininning to really be felt now.  For stuff Romney would do if elected, those won’t be felt for nine months to two years from when he would take office on January 20th 2013 — meaning probably not until 2014 or 2015.  Virtually any improvement in the economy in 2013 would be due to programs and actions that Obama was responsible for — regardless of who wins the 2012 election.

So my prediction for the 2012 election season results is simple.  The House of Representatives will remain largely Republican.  The Senate will maintain it’s Democratic majority.  Whoever gets elected will see only a small portion of their programs passed.   But we will have plenty of finger pointing, accusations, drama and more congressional gridlock.

A Romney win means the Democrats get blamed for the ills of the nation and slowly the economy will get better.  An Obama win means the Republicans will get  blamed for the ills of the nation and slowly the economy will get better.

If you want to make real change in governmental programs, regardless of your political persuasion, the answer is to dump the current batch of congressmen and senators and replace them all with people who are concerned with doing what’s right for the country and not pandering to special interests.

Oh wait.  The special interests don’t want that.  Never mind.


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