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New Restaurant Ideas!

Fiesta Italiano! The restaurant is decorated as a Mexican town square all decked out for a fiesta! Mariachi bands wander though the square serenading the lovely senoritas and everyone is served tequila with what might be little worms in some … Continue reading

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The Naughty or Nice List Explained!

Last Christmas I wrote about Santa’s present delivery process.  This year, we’re going to talk about the Naughty and Nice List.   So first, let’s examine what we know about the process: “He’s making a list.  He’s checking it twice.  Gonna … Continue reading

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The Myth of Presidential Promises

I am always amused by the claims made by everyone running for president.  Pure and simple, they just can’t do a lot of what they promise by themselves– if you want to change laws or even some major program, it … Continue reading

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I don’t speak Italian…

… but doesn’t “Casa Visco” translate to something like “Sticky House”?

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It’s what’s for dinner!

Picture this.  A bunch of marketing and product management type folks sitting around a table trying to decide what to call there new food product.  Often, discussions like that involve trying to add some romanticized idea of far away places … Continue reading

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A New Definition of Hell

I was recently at a professional conference held at the Grand Floridian Hotel at Disney World. I could deal with the 8.7 Gazillion little kids running around. I could tolerate the omnipresent Mickey Mouse images abso-freakin’ everywhere (attached are pictures … Continue reading

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The Truth about 9/11

Oh, sure, we’ve all heard the various conspiracy theories about who was really behind the events on 9/11. But I’ll tell you what I think really happened. In the Fall of 2001 I worked for a company that specialized in … Continue reading

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The Two Thirds Rule

Think about this when you read about the news coverage of the bailout of the financial sector, the incoming administration, or even just your employers plans for the new year… There was a professor my senior year in college who … Continue reading

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Analysis of Santa’s Delivery Process

OK, let’s think about this: He makes a list and marks it with who is naughty or nice — suggesting that the proportion of naughty children to nice children is near equal and somewhat dynamic. If there was a significant … Continue reading

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Hotell Amigo

In August I found myself in the small manufacturing town of Emmaboda Sweden. The place we were staying was a Spanish/Mexican themed hotel named the Hotell Amigo. While the hotel itself was nice, there were a few things that just … Continue reading

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